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Ventilation unit with heat recovery, electrical after heater and duct cooler for cooled water. The unit is equipped with Enervent eWind control.


The Enervent Pingvin XL unit is best suited for medium-sized detached houses or apartments. It is also well suited for public spaces, where a smallish air amount is required. The unit is low in comparison with its capacity, which enables installation in tight spaces, i.e. over the hot water tank in the technical space.

General information

Air volume flow:  50…520 m³/h                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    EcoDesign classification: A                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Reference flow rate according to EcoDesign directive (50 Pa): 364 m³/h
Pressure difference: 15 to 125 Pa
Leakage external: < 5% (test pressure 300Pa)
Leakage internal: < 5%
Duct size: Ø 160 mm

Weight: 63 kg
Standard filters: ISO ePM1 70 % / ISO Coarse 90 % (F7/M5)

Filter dimensions (WxHxD): 484 x 216 x 58 mm
IP class: IP44 (external control IP20)
Condense connection: ¼” internal thread
Nominal voltage: 230 V
Nominal current: Motors 2,6 A total, electrical after heating 3,48 A


Supply and exhaust air fan type: Ebm-Papst
Supply and exhaust air motor type: G3G146-HK07-11
Nominal voltage: 230 V (AC), EC-type with internal electronics
Type of fan blade: Radial forward
Nominal power: 163 W
Acoustical data: 65 dB(A) DIN 45635-1 ISO 3745
Fan control eWind control: 4 step (parallel running, possibility to drive supply -20% lower to +10% higher than exhaust). Each step can be adjusted within 20% scale.

Heat recovery

Heat exchanger type: Rotating heat exchanger
Heat exchanger material: Aluminium
Heat exchanger surface: 87 m²
Heat exchanger dimensions: 420 x 200 mm (60 μ)
Heat exchanger motor: 5 W
Ventilation unit annual temperature efficiency (EN 13141-7:2010): 78 %
Supply air annual heat recovery efficiency* (EN 16798-3:2017): 92 %
Extract air annual heat recovery efficiency* (D5:2012): 78 %
* supply air +18°C, extract air +21°C, exhaust air temperature limit -7°C

Other information

Material inside cover: Steel sheet, zinc coated
Material outside cover: Steel sheet, zinc coated, powder painted
Standard electric after heater efficiency: 800 W

Positioning of the water-circulating after heater: in duct
Duct heater measurements (W×H×L), mm: 313×255×356

Sound levels      1) Lw      2) LwA

Supply air duct     1) 77,1 dB     2) 74,1 dB(A)
Extract air duct     1) 64,0 dB     2) 58,4 dB(A)
Outdoor air duct     1) 62,9 dB     2) 55,2 dB(A)
Exhaust air duct     1) 78,3 dB      2) 75,7 dB(A)
Through casing      1) 64,8 dB     2) 58,0 dB(A)
-> 10 m² absorption LpA 54,0 dB(A)

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