Pegasos Z eAir E-CG

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Ventilation unit with heat recovery, electrical after heater and built-in cooling coil for cooled water. The unit is equipped with Enervent eAir control.


The Enervent Pegasos Z unit is best suited for large detached houses and public spaces, such as schools and kinder gardens. All heating and cooling coils are built-in to the unit.

Enervent Pegasos Z is a ‘non-residential ventilation unit’ (NRVU) according to the EU Commission Regulation No 1253/2014. Ventilation units with maximum flow rate between 250 and 1 000 m3/h which the manufacturer has not declared intended as being exclusively for a residential ventilation application are called non-residential. Non-residential ventilation units (NRVUs) are excluded from EcoDesign labelling. Our calculation software Energy Optimizer reports whether the chosen NRVU unit fulfills the EcoDesign requirements or not for the intended project.

General information

Air volume flow @ 100 Pa: 50–1330 m³/h
Pressure difference: 25–100 Pa
Leakage external: < 5% (test pressure 300Pa)
Leakage internal: < 5% (test pressure 300Pa)
Duct size: Ø 250 mm
Weight: 203 kg
Standard filters, 2 x bag filter: ISO ePM1 60%/ISO Coarse 80% (F7/M5)
IP class: IP44 (external control IP20)
Water heating coil connections: Intake/return 20 mm
Water cooling coil connections: Intake/return 20 mm
Evaporator connections: Intake ½”, return 20 mm
Condense connection: ¼” internal thread
Nominal voltage: 230 V, models with 4000 W electrical heater 400 V.
Nominal current: Motors xx A total, electrical after heating xx A


Supply and exhaust air fan type:
Supply and exhaust air motor type:
Nominal voltage:
Type of fan blade:
Nominal power:
Fan control eAir control: Stepless (supply and exhaust running separately)

Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger type: Rotating heat exchanger
Material: Aluminium
Heat exchanger surface: 92 m²
Heat exchanger dimensions: 520 x 200 (60 μ)
Heat exchanger motor: 6 W
Ventilation unit annual temperature efficiency (EN 13141-7:2010): 76,3 %
Supply air annual heat recovery efficiency* (EN 16798-3:2017): 90 %
Extract air annual heat recovery efficiency* (D5:2012): 76,2 %
* supply air +18°C, extract air +21°C, exhaust air temperature limit -7°C

Other information

Material inside cover: Steel sheet, zinc coated
Material outside cover: Steel sheet, zinc coated, powder painted
Sound level in supply air duct at fan speeds 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100% LWA:
LPA, dB(A), 10 m²: sound absorption:
Standard electric after heater efficiency: 3 000 W or 4 000 W
Positioning of cooling (CG) coil: Built-in

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