LTR-3 eAir E-CG

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Ventilation unit with heat recovery, electrical after heater and duct cooler for cooled water. The unit is equipped with Enervent eAir control.


The Enervent LTR-3 unit is best suited for terraced houses and smallish detached houses. The LTR-series units are designed for installation in the roof, in the attic, in a false ceiling or in a technical space. The horizontal installation often saves a lot of space. LTR-series units are well insulated and can be installed in cold places. The unit needs additional insulation if the temperature around it drops below -10°C. The simple but ingenious structure and the low pressure drop of the unit ensure an inexpensive and safe operation.

General information

Air volume flow:  50…320 m³/h                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    EcoDesign classification: A                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Reference flow rate according to EcoDesign directive (50 Pa): 224 m³/h
Pressure difference: 15 to 100 Pa
Leakage external: < 5% (test pressure 300Pa)
Leakage internal: < 5%
Duct size: Ø 160 mm

Weight: 52 kg
Standard filters: ISO ePM1 60 % / ISO Coarse 80 % (F7/M5)
IP class: IP44 (external control IP20)
Condense connection: ¼” internal thread
Nominal voltage: 230 V
Nominal current: Motors 1.8 A total, electrical after heating 2.1 A


Supply and exhaust air fan type: Ebm-Papst
Supply and exhaust air motor type: G3G146-ED19-10
Nominal voltage: 230 V (AC), EC-type with internal electronics
Type of fan blade: Radial forward
Nominal power: 118 W
Acoustical data: 65 dB(A) DIN 45635-1 ISO 3745
Fan control eAir control: Stepless (supply and exhaust running separately)

Heat recovery

Heat exchanger type: Rotating heat exchanger
Heat exchanger material: Aluminium
Heat exchanger surface: 57 m²
Heat exchanger dimensions: 370 x 200 mm (60 μ)
Heat exchanger motor: 5 W
Ventilation unit annual temperature efficiency (EN 13141-7:2010): 79 %
Supply air annual heat recovery efficiency* (EN 16798-3:2017): 92 %
Extract air annual heat recovery efficiency* (D5:2012): 78 %
* supply air +18°C, extract air +21°C, exhaust air temperature limit -7°C

Other information

Material inside cover: Steel sheet, zinc coated
Material outside cover: Steel sheet, zinc coated
Standard electric after heater efficiency: 500 W

Sound level in supply air duct at fan speeds 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100% LWA: 39, 55, 65, 72, 75 dB(A)
LPA, dB(A), 10 m²: sound absorption: -, 32, 39, 45, 47 dB(A)

Positioning of the water-circulating after heater: in duct
Duct heater measurements (W×H×L): 313×255×356 mm
Positioning of a cooling (CG) coil: in duct
Duct cooler measurements (W×H×L): 415×330×396 mm

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